Our Approach

We work on a “fixed scope - fixed time - fixed fee” basis. Our approach also provides for sharing know-how with the client’s in-house team.

Typically there are three levels in our project process which allow flexibility to adapt the project framework to specific objectives and needs of our clients and minimises their risks and expenses.

Level I – Diagnostics
We conduct a comprehensive review of our client’s objectives and business strategy, operations, assets and liabilities, present limitations and risks. At this level we actively engage with shareholders, top managers, business partners as well as third parties, where required.

Level I deliverable – a comprehensive diagnostic report and a list of high-level recommendations.

Level II – Recommendations

We develop detailed bespoke recommendations and a step-by-step road map for their implementation.

Level II deliverable – a complete blue-print for project implementation, its schedule and budget.

Level III - Implementation

We implement recommendations developed at Level II and approved by the client.

Level III deliverable – achievement of business objectives set by the client.