Completed Projects

Given our clients confidentiality requirements, we are currently able to present the following examples of successfully completed projects:


Our Completed Projects


Client: The Board of Directors of ZAO TKB Capital (“TKBC”), a Russian investment bank

Advisor: Direct Capital Solutions Limited

Purpose: Diagnostics and development of a new strategy and restructuring plan for TKBC

Duration: 3 months

Period: November 2011 – January 2012

Project objectives:

  • Provide an independent professional opinion on the pre-existing strategy of TKBC, its governance and operations, risk profile and reliability of management control systems
  • Develop a new strategic concept to differentiate TKBC from competition and establish its unique position in the investment banking markets
  • Consult and support the TKBC Board and management team on business restructuring measures

Key project tasks performed:

  • Carried out assessment of TKBC’s strategy, systems, operations and personnel
  • Analysed the investment banking industry in Russia and globally, reviewed TKBC’s market position, competitive environment and potential strategic development options
  • Developed a new strategic concept and restructuring plan for TKBC
  • Worked closely with the newly appointed CEO and the Board members of TKBC to develop a detailed “road map” for implementation of the new strategic concept
  • Advised the CEO on carrying out the restructuring of TKBC’s operation and optimisation of the headcount
  • Developed and presented to the Board the recommendations on reorganisation and raising efficiency of TKBC’s governance bodies
  • Provided guidelines for developing efficient risk management and compliance system
  • Advised on measures for staff retention and motivation
  • Lead the process of developing TKBC’s internal and external communication policy
  • Advised on international expansion and establishment of a Cyprus-based broker company
  • Advised the management on key requirements for effective corporate IT architecture
  • Advised the Board on preparation for potential value realisation event

Project Results:

A detailed “health check” of the operations, systems and business strategy of TKBC

A new strategic concept with a detailed implementation guidelines, timetable and budget

Advice and guidance on necessary restructuring steps aimed at:

  • cost cutting and staff optimisation
  • strengthening risk management, compliance, operational controls and management reporting
  • raising the efficiency of TKBC’s corporate governance system
  • staff retention, training and motivation
  • raising efficiency of internal and external communications

The Board approved the implementation of the restructuring measures proposed by DCS

The Board has successfully negotiated sale of the TKBC to a strategic investor. All consultancy fees paid to DCS were included in the sale price.